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carlos medina

Born in Barquisimeto, Venezuela, in 1953. Living and working in Caracas and Paris. Graduated in the School of Visual Art of Caracas, celebrating the end of his academic studies in 1975 with an individual exhibition of iron and stone sculptures: Abstracciones geométricas espaciales, presented by the Museum of Contemporary Art of Caracas. The same year he earns the Sculpture Prize in the 4th National Salon of Young Artists organized by the National Institute of Culture and Fine Arts.


In 1977 he travels to Italy and settles down in Carrara with scholarships successively granted by the Italian government and Foundation for Culture and Arts (Fundarte), Caracas. This stage features the exploration of new materials, the practice of superior carving and turning techniques, and also the study of new conceptualizations over tridimensional work.  He works at Carlo Andrei’s atelier, at the industry Gonari Marmi and he pursues several courses at the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara. Plus, he works on bronze sculpturing at the Fonderia Mariani in Pietrasanta. During this period participates in exhibitions, symposia and events in several European countries


Medina returns to Venezuela in 1984, and he resumes the iron and steel sculpturing for urban scale production. Assiduous researcher of techniques and materials becomes a reference of volumetric sculpture. In the following decades develops more than twenty monumental works including the iconic Fragment of rain to Caracas, a project dating from 1989 and finally realized in 2014, as a gift to the city.


Always focused on geometric abstraction, going from volumetric to spatial concerns, his work is consolidated in the essential and imperceptible interpretation of nature, physics and forms, a leading and evolving concepts in his work.


Medina currently lives and works in Caracas and Paris.

Throughout his artistic trajectory, he has had numerous solo exhibitions and has been invited to relevants symposia, biennials, fairs and collective shows in America, Asia and Europe.


It's important to mention that Carlos Medina has more than twenty awards and prizes granted to him from recognized organizations of art and culture.

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