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Born in Caracas, 1983.  He studied engineering in Caracas and Bordeaux and obtained a degree in Industrial Engineering from Universidad Católica Andrés Bello and later a masters degree in IESA.  As an engineer student he was particularly interested in theoretical physics and mathematics. In France he further advanced his knowledge of production techniques at L’Ecole National Superior des Arts et Métiers. He began his artistic career by investigating the relationship between art and science, his two passions, and found a largely overlook subject that would become the center of his work.


Since 2013 he started doing thorough research on the subject by advancing his knowledge on both fields, and particularly drawing attention to the subject of morality and how art and science work together in shaping our ethics. He currently works at the LFA studio in Miami alongside world-renowned artists. The artist draws inspiration from kinetic artists and reinterprets the relevance of the movement as metaphor of the relationship between art and science

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