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Logistics Fine Arts was originally established to serve the arts field, and its constituted by three (3) departments that attend different areas of the industry:  Espace Expression, LFA Espace, LFA Atelier.

House of Art, the studio and gallery all under one roof.  


We're a multi-department and multi-genre art studio and gallery that encourages both established and up-coming artists to thrive. We host exhibits, workshops and events throughout the year for art enthusiasts to enjoy. Featuring works from around the world.

Espace Expression is a thematic exhibition center dedicated to promote and inform distinctive approaches and tendencies of modern and contemporary art. The exhibitions offer a new way of approaching key concepts of contemporary art while exhibiting pieces from private collections, as well as from other galleries.

LFA Espace is an exhibition center intended to promote and educate various approaches of contemporary art by giving the opportunity to emerging artists and art galleries to exhibit their work and trajectory at LFA Espace.


LFA Atelier is a workshop dedicated to restore constructivist art pieces. Additionally, it specializes in the manufacturing and building development of artists’ works with materials such as acrylic, vinyl and more. Furthermore, by conceiving artists' ideas, LFA Atelier is able to create urban and architectural interventions for both, public and private sectors. The company has participated in emblematic projects, like the Miami Marlins Park Stadium walkways by renowned kinetic artist Carlos Cruz-Diez, which consists of three (3) walkways with a total area of 1672 m2 of mass colored tiles, creating a double-frequency chromatic induction.


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