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Miami-based Venezuelan artist that investigates color as scientific phenomena through an intense repetition of geometric arrangements.


Her explorations turn out innovative and exciting as they spring from the color theories of artist Carlos Cruz-Diez, but still manage to radicalize her predecessor's already compelling proposal. Her viewer-activated pieces highlight interplays between colors and shapes in precise frequencies thus generating the movement necessary to create a series of waves and convey the relationship between color and its respective intensity, that is color as energy.

There is a line where art and critical ideas synthesize with the pulse of science and have an agenda of a progressive understanding of our consciousness and the space we inhabit. Hoher explores the movement of color as electromagnetic-radiation, as it happens at a microcosmic dimension by probing ques hons such as, "What is the anatomy of color?" "What are the codes hidden in the architecture of light?" "How are we programmed to perceive this information?" In this way, Hoher demonstrates diverse ways in which electromagnetic radiation occurs in space and time, and reminds us that it is our eyesight which ultimately brings this colorful world to life.

We are blind to the ethereal invisible energies that exist in our four-dimensional space-time, they forge the universe that surrounds everything and everyone. 

Corina Hoher graduated in Miami International University of Art and Design with a Bachelor in Fine Arts - Graphic Design. She currently works at her studio and as a constructive art restorer in Miami. 

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