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He started his career with painting, drawing, photography and assembly, later he dedicated himself to the production of works in videos and ArteSonoro. Likewise, he has carried out constant work in the media: television and radio programs since the 90s. Currently, Mixmedia Installations works where he uses all means of expression in a contemporary way in his exhibitions. Among his outstanding individual exhibitions: Nuevo Pensamiento Compositivo Vol.2, ArtMedia Gallery (Miami, 2015); Black Point, Mandragoras Art Space (New York, 2014); Inthahouse, Carmen Araujo Arte (Caracas, 2013); Caja Blanca Atrapa Moscas, Sicart Gallery (Barcelona, Spain 2012) and Environment, Cube 7 Photographic Space (Caracas, 2012). 

In 2009, she held the Caracas-Berlin Sound Landscape exhibition at the Mendoza and Bello Horizonte Halls at the Chacao Cultural Center (Caracas, 2007). Since 1990, Blanco has been successful in group shows in various venues in Latin America, the United States, Europe and Canada. His work is present in important institutional collections: Patricia Phelps de Cisneros Foundation (Caracas - New York), Urban Photography Archive Collection (Caracas), Banco Mercantil Collection (Caracas), Museum of Contemporary Art of Zulia-MACZUL (Maracaibo), as well as in private collections in Caracas, Maracaibo, New York, Los Angeles, Houston, Miami, San Francisco, Milan, Madrid, Porto Alegre, Berlin, Lisbon and Barcelona.

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