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Uaio still remembers his first geometry class as a child—where he learned that a line is made up of a succession of points. That simple lesson changed the way he viewed the world around him. He no longer saw objects as merely being objects, but rather a whole composed of individual components. With this in mind, he realized that tridimensionality is a sum total composed of infinite bidimensional planes.

Additionally, his experience working in the advertising industry allowed him to understand and shape geometry to his perceptions, involving the spectator in its execution, and making the viewer responsible for filling in the nonexistent spaces in his works.

This is the effect that he calls: TriBimensional.

TriBimensional is an exploratory path, residing within the space of geometric art, where the artist looks to create bidimensional elements which are in turn perceived in three dimensions.

He produces this my juxtaposing multiple laminated planes. The visual result of the laminated plane—each a different color—generates the three-dimensional point of view despite the planes only existing in two dimensions.

This perspective offers us a unique psychological insight into the function of two-dimensional objects and how they relate to each other while defining new forms in our minds. The inherent contrasts also play our daily struggle to reconcile our perceptions with our realities.

The effect is an exercise in digging through the hypothetical to see figures which only exist in our minds.

His work tests the limits of our imagination and our ability to perceive: we cannot imagine that which does not exist—that which fools the senses which we depend on the most.

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